Environment-friendly Cooking means cherishing the nature, rare wild animals and plants. This idea was proposed in April 2001 by Easteat magazine in forum of New Cooking of the First Easteat International Competition. The competition attracted overseas representatives from the United States, France, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, as well as more than 1,000 domestic professional chefs from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Along with the competition and forum, participators, chefs not only communicate the cooking skills, but also improve the understanding of new culinary theory and cognition, and have carried on the deep discussion on improving image of chefs and the industry in the new century. For the sake of the unhealthy tendency of overfishing and overeating of rare wild animals and plants the most prominent result is the initiative to “cherish nature and refuse to cook rare wildlife”
Healthy Cooking means that the chef does not use non-natural and unsafe additives in the cooking process, and instead uses natural ingredients and spices to make the dishes with good taste, flavor, and nutrition. It is not easy to achieve this, which requires the chef to studying the traditional cooking techniques, such as hammering with hand, making the beef tender and avoiding the use of tender meat powder, replacing marennin with natural spinach juice and additives, using spices like octagonal and other spices instead of flavor additives. On December 3rd, 2012, a group of 101 Chinese food and beverage industry leaders have jointly issued a statement of naked cooking declaration in Beijing: using natural safety additives, less chemical and additives legally, and do not use inferior or harmful additives.
“Integrity and Virtue Action” is to draw positive energy from the local culture, and from the catering enterprises. “Integrity and Virtue Action” is to highlight the positive energy from everyone, and reshape the good image of the restaurant. It is to carry forward the traditional Chinese national morality, such as integrity, righteousness, ceremony, loyalty and filial piety, etc. We called for the catering managers to be “ambassador of Integrity and Virtue Action”to exposure industry misconduct behavior. We are looking for “Integrity and Virtue Action” model character by held “Integrity and Virtue Action” speech, “Integrity and Virtue Action” signature activities. We advocate the self-discipline of catering enterprises on the moral level to promote the industry’s positive energy and build a “double heart restaurant” which is “the business of merchants' conscience and customers’ confidence”. “Integrity and Virtue Action” has featured the non-governmental organizations, commonweal and self-discipline.