International Food and Beverage Procurement Exhibition

More than a decade, the exhibition focus on providing professional service concept, large exhibition scale and numerous exhibitors and attendees’ number and contract number has reached new highs, the previous exhibition scale has exceeded 25000 square meters, exhibitors reached 535; the number of guests more than 100,000 person-times, and merchants signed up to 2,221; The total signed contract amount reached CNY92million, and the pre-order reached CNY152.1 million. Since the establishment of the exhibition, we have set up an industry benchmark to promote the development of the industry and provide a high-quality docking service for China’s catering industry.

YiYin Competition

Yi Yin (1649 B.C. – 1549 B.C.) was born in China. Early he was a cooking servant and later became the chancellor of Shang Dynasty. He compared the governing of a nation to the cooking of a delicious dish and was honored as Yuan Sheng (a Saint) and Chu Zu (the ancestor of Chinese cuisine). The Yi Yin Cup was first hosted by Beijing Easteat Culture Group in 2001.

Annual Meeting for Chinese Culinary Artists

It’s held every year on February 2nd of Chinese lunar calendar. Annual Meeting for Chinese Culinary Artists is designed by Easteat group, as one of global activities in industry, and is known as “Chinese Culinary Oscar”. Meanwhile, culinary artists at home and abroad are invited to participate and compete against each other. On the other hand, they can communicate with each other in terms of culinary skills and lead the trend.

Red Chef Hat

“Red Chef Hat Restaurant List” is designed by Easteat for the national catering industry. It aims to set an example to promote communication and the progress of the industry. The list covers of collecting more than 100 cities home and abroad, focusing on “Chinese cuisine restaurant”, in the form of recommendation, through professional selection, field investigation, magazine readers, the correspondent, KTP members and reporter of Easteat. The above four recommended ways for selection is professional, authoritative, featured and more suitable for customers’ reference.